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Support the schools that matter most to your team! These schools have been nominated by your co-workers to be included in this year’s Back to School Drive. Thank you for contributing to success of education in the communities where we live and work.

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Cascade Champion Band Boosters Inc

This school was nominated because: The band program at Cascade High school is not funded by the school, rather it has been supported by donations, fund raisers, a few sponsors, and a few dedicated volunteers. This program was introduced about 15 years ago by one man with a dream to teach kids music. Throughout the years the program has continue to function on a minimal budget and a ton of heart, sole and effort!

I have been part of this program with my kids for the past 11 years, and every year the boosters program looks for funds to help support the purchase of an instrument, paying the way for a child to attend the band camp, supplying food and water during the entire marching season, fuel and bus driver costs, competition entry fees, instruments or replacement parts, uniforms, show props, the list goes on and on.

Future Leaders of Excellence Academy

This school was nominated because: This is an all inclusive daycare /Pre-K school that my daughter has been attending since the day they opened 5yrs ago. The school teaches that all people are equal and should be treated as such, no matter if they are neurodiverse, handicapable, or otherwise. The school also offers a variety of in house therapy options that allows the children to partner together during the sessions when able or has one on one therapy options for visiting therapists. I can tell you a thousand amazing things about FLOE, they are truly a part of our family.

KIPP Academy Nashville

This school was nominated because: I currently have a child enrolled in the school and I've had several family members attend prior. The school has been great with our kids and very instrumental in the growth of minority children in Davidson county.

Nashville Classical

This school was nominated because: They are a charter school and was founded by dedicated community activists and experienced urban educators. .Nashville Classical has operated on public dollars and without additional public funding for transportation, facilities, or long-term growth.
Their values consist of Focus, Integrity, Resilience, Scholarship, and Team—teach children to set goals, to live honestly, to show determination, to learn with joy, and to care for others.

East End Preparatory School

This school was nominated because: I worked for this school for several years. It's a wonderful place for all kids to learn. It serves a racially diverse community in East Nashville who might not have access to an excellent traditional public school option. This charter school truly loves kids, wants what's best for them, and makes sure their teachers are supported.
Two of my children have attended East End Preparatory School since Kindergarten. The school started with humble and small beginnings and have grown in size of the student body and the building. There are updates that have been made to the building over the years and programs that are available for the students. I appreciate the growth that the school has made over the years.

Ruby Major Elementary

This school was nominated because: My daughter attends Roby Major Elementary and has since started school. I appreciate the educators, as they are available, supportive, and kind to my growing child. I initially wanted to home-school my daughter Paris due to all of the horrific things that I have heard about in the news. They somehow create a family-like environment which I appreciate and would recommend to anyone. Plus, Lelan Statom from Channel 5 News's wife just so happens to be Assistant Principal. I've enjoyed seeing him cater to our students when time is available. This may also be a good opportunity for the school, and Asurion if by chance this school is selected and it can be broadcast.

Black Fox Elementary School

This school was nominated because: My daughter Amira transferred to this school last year. She experienced the loss of her father during the school year, and I feel that they wrapped their arms around her and supported her when she could have given up. All of the teachers and staff are so caring and do so much for every child in their care. They encourage all students to fill one another's cup daily so that no one is left empty at the end of the day. I loved this motto for the school, many of the teachers randomly gifted the students prizes for simply catching them in the act of filling someone else's cup. Most of these teachers provide these extra rewards out of pocket. Never asking for anything in return. I believe this school is well deserving to be apart of our back to school drive.

Creekside Elementary School

This school was nominated because: Its the school located near our neighborhood and its a Nice school.

Glencliff Elementary

This school was nominated because: I have a friend who is a 3rd grade teacher at Glencliff and I know the work she does is important to Nashville and the immigrant community. The school teaches a lot of immigrant family children and it can be difficult finding translators and resources needed to communicate. A lot of immigrants from Mexico, South America and the Middle East use Glencliff as their school for small children and the school always needs resources. I know my friend has personally used a lot of her own money to buy classroom supplies and school supplies for children.

Guild Elementary

This school was nominated because: This is the school both of my kids go to, they put so much effort into making it a great school for the kids

Liberty Collegiate Academy

This school was nominated because: My wife teaches there and I’ve seen the impact the school has on our community. It’s 5 miles from the gulch hub and is a Title I school that could really use help.

Robert Churchwell Elementary

This school was nominated because: The students at Robert Churchwell are important to me because Churchwell Magnet offers children advanced learning opportunities they may not otherwise be afforded, as the school resides in a poverty stricken community. I have years of experience volunteering in the surrounding community of Jefferson Street/D.B. Todd., and have been fortunate to see how small/consistent volunteer efforts can have lasting impact, especially those of younger age demographics.

Warner Arts Magnet PTO

This school was nominated because: They serve children living in poverty and provide students great resources.

Define U Mentoring Foundation Inc

This school was nominated because: Define U is a non-profit my best friend and I started to help mentor teenage girls. We know how important it is to have a positive female role model to help navigate all the different phases of growing into a young adult. We then evolved to do community outreach events that cater to underserved communities. We will have our 2nd Fall Festival this October! We haven't been able to have this event for the community due to covid so we would use the grant money to help make this event a success as well as provide supplies to the Southeast Community Center throughout the school year.

Clarksburg School

This school was nominated because: The school is important to me because that is where my husband went to school and now our sons go to school there and my husband recently passed away and the school is now kore important to my sons because there dad went there and all the staff at the school is extremely nice and very helpful and the teachers buy what they need for their class room out of their own money and the teachers and staff go above and beyond for their stuffs and to help them learn and be the best they can be and to get the lost of out school

Griffith Elementary

This school was nominated because: Local school with many children that need assistance

Ravenwood High School

This school was nominated because: My daughter goes to school there

Antioch High School

This school was nominated because: I am an Alum

Valor Flagship Academy

This school was nominated because: It’s a Charter school with limited resources.
This school is very diverse in race, religion and household income. Many are from lower income families and Valor gives them the opportunity to level the playing field and go to a school that can prepare them for college.

South Eastern Color Guard Circuit

This school was nominated because: I started color guard when I was in fourth grade and have remained involved ever since. I believe the performing arts and music programs across the country are grossly underfunded, but invaluable to a student. In the marching arts you learn teamwork, self-accountability, perseverance, bravery in front of others, and other skills that make band and guard such a unique extracurricular. And like many school activities, these programs are funded by band booster programs and fundraising with little or no assistance from the state. And of course, the pandemic made things even worse as the activity didn't exist for almost two (2) years. The Southeaster Color Guard Circuit provides a venue for students to achieve their highest levels of excellence through performing arts, and is an organization I spend when I am not working with Asurion. I believe in the marching arts and the positive experiences that the Southeaster Color Guard Circuit can provide to students across Middle Tennessee.

Trevecca Nazarene University

This school was nominated because: Trevecca holds a special part in my heart because it has molded me for the person and position that my future is meant to be. Prior to starting the program I was in a difficult place, however the program provided me with the skills that I was able to share with my team and leadership to increase the processes, relationships and development of each department.

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